1400 Calvin Ave., Nashville, TN 37206

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1400 Calvin Ave., Nashville, TN 37206
4 Bedrooms – 3 Baths – $849,000

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1400 Calvin Ave. Nashville, TN

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You should be selling while others hibernate

You should be selling while others hibernate.
By Richard Courtney – Christianson Patterson Courtney & Associates

(As seen in the 11/25/16 Ledger column)

With Thanksgiving hovering, listings usually go into hibernation this time of year as sellers do not want to be inconvenienced with showings over the holidays.


Once the leaves fall from the trees and the green abandons the grass, the city switches from color to black and white. Some feel that backdrop is not conducive to the home-selling experience.

Based on the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors sales data, the number of transactions will drop substantially to a number that is half the monthly sales that the area amasses in the spring and fall markets.

Many sellers feel that by awaiting the spring market, they will receive more money for their homes than in the dark, cold winter months.

While the market comes alive in the spring – spring now being late February on the real estate calendar – the volume increases and the prices are higher than those of the previous year.

However, sellers should be advised that there are as many people relocating in the area in the winter as there are in the spring.

Additionally, with many of the would-be competitors waiting for the robins to sing before marketing their homes, the competition is significantly reduced. Showings slow as only serious buyers are braving the elements to shop for housing.

Many successful, veteran agents will testify to the fact that they make their hay when the sun is not shining, selling while the competition is taking a break for the holiday.

Houses cannot sell when they are not on the market.

There are several groups of people that start new jobs in the beginning of the year.

Many of those come to town and lease, beginning their searches in January with plans to buy, close, move and bring the family after the end of the school year.

Sellers should not be deterred by dropping mercury.